NFDA 2008 Floorplan With Food by you.

Here’s the latest static floorplan of the 2008 NFDA Convention Expo, as provided by the NFDA on their website.  (The red sections are my additions).

The most interesting and surprising part is the addition of the “New Directions Café” at the back of the hall.

Last year, the most traveled “cheap” booths were the ones by the food.  Why?  Because people stopped for a meal of fast food and spent their time looking at the booths that skirted this area. 

This year, the food is setup behind some booths, but just off one of the main walkways, so there’ll be a lot of interaction with those visiting the food area for a snack and the vendors situated around the cafe.

Our location, on a major aisle between the general session and the food area, seems ideal.

We’re gearing up for an awesome show, with meaningful interactions with funeral directors.  And I’m confident that our 10% off convention-only special will encourage our visitors to place their order at the show.

On a related front, I’ve been having chats with the new NFDA convention coordinator about participating in a pre-convention teleconference for vendors.  The 1-hour session will feature other vendor-related guests and focus on important details for exhibitors regarding the NFDA expo.

More details as they become available.