Our cruise is nearing the end, with stops in Skagway, Alaska and Prince Rupert, Canada left on the itinerary.

With any luck, our flight will go as scheduled and we’ll be back in Florida on August 31st.

So far we’ve seen the majesty of our northern land, with stops in Ketchikan (the kayaking was awesome – I’ll post pictures soon!) and Juneau, the state’s capital.  And last night we drifted by the Dawes glacier, a magnificent river of ice snuggled between two equally impressive mountains.

My companions (Mike, Karen and Jo) are flying in a helicopter as I write this.  As I am not a fan of heights or, for that matter, flight, I’ve stayed behind to identify the bodies.

I’m sure they’ll return soon with fascinating stories of landing on another glacier and walking along it’s mass.

I’m safely tucked away on the ship, which I have almost to myself, as most of the passengers are riding the gold rush train or visiting this small town.

So I’ll “see” you again in a few days.  And since I don’t have any more essays scheduled to auto-post, you’ll have to wait until next week for more of my scintillating writing (he said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).