Good news, blog readers!  I’ve expanded the size of our booth at the NFDA Convention!

Why?  Because the booth behind us was available and I’m already saving money not flying to the show, not shipping my product across the country and not staying in a fancy hotel.

So my original booth, a 10’x10′ penninsula (3 open sides) was going to look like this:

Final Embrace Booth Placement #1 by you.

But now I need to figure out how to layout a 10’x20′ booth with all four sides open.  So far, I’ve got two ideas.

10x20 Booth Design 1 by you.

This idea basically turns my original idea into two booths with room for twice as many salespeople.  The display we’ll use is the same one that did so well for us in Kentucky.  For the KFDA Convention, it looked like this:

Display 3 by you.

The wire frame shelving can be open on both sides, if I take the fabric off the back, so it would work well.

But I’ve also considered this design:

10x20 Booth Design 2 by you.

I like this one, because it creates a focal point for the larger space and lets us put lots of people in the booth while showing off our investment in square footage, but I’m worried that turning our back to the general session (which would be ‘behind’ the booth) might not be a good idea.

If I choose idea #2, I’ll probably get some big graphics printed to put on the back of our shelving to draw the attention of general session attendees over to our booth.

Anyone have a better idea for layout?