orlando_convention_center by GreenNetizen.
Orange County Convention Center by Flickr user GreenNetizen  

Curious about how recent economic uncertainty might be affecting exhibit space rental, I decided to compare the 2007 NFDA exhibitor list to this year’s roster of confirmed exhibitors.  Here’s the surprising result:

2007:  387 Exhibiting Companies attended
2008:  387 Exhibiting Companies confirmed

But when I drilled down further, I found that there are 146 that exhibited in 2007 that will not be returning.  That means there will be at least 146 new companies (or ones that skipped last year) at this show.

Imagine all the new stuff to see!  Here are the companies that are new for this year:

69 Dollar Portraits.com 
AARDBalm Limited 
ABM Funding, Inc. 
Adstate AB 
Aegis, Inc. 
Affinity Caskets 
AFP Horizon 
Airflair Makeup 
Air-Flite Containers, Inc. 
American Capital Funding, LLC 
American Cemetery Supplies, Inc. 
Anubis Group Holding 
Argenteria Leonessa SRL 
Art Effects Manufacturing Co. 
Best of The Show Contest 
BP Fleet Solutions 
Buckley Mortuary Service 
C & L Containers, Inc. 
Casa Uriarte Corporation 
Celestis, Inc. 
Charitable Tribute 
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science 
Connecting Directors.com 
Continental Airlines Cargo 
Cyrus Molded Products (CMP) 
Denise’s Unlimited, Inc. 
Designer Funeral Programs 
Director OnCall 
DNA 11 
DNA Analysis, Inc. 
Dong Guan Kun Bao Wooden Ltd. 
DQE, Inc. 
Eagle Tree Laser Art 
Eagle’s Wings Air 
e-Partners in Giving 
E-Wishes, LLC 
Executor Services 
Final Reflections 
Florida Funeral Directors Association 
Florida Mortuary Services 
Flowers for Cemeteries, Inc. 
Forever Loved.com 
Frazer Consultants 
Funeral Data Manager 
Funeral Financial, LLC 
Fuzhou Boyan Stone Co., Ltd. 
Glitz & Glamour 
Granite Memorial Plaque 
Hafenbrack Marketing 
Haooh Shing Industrial Co., Ltd. 
Holy Land Stone Co., LLC 
Hong Kong Tourism Board 
Hot Rod Caskets 
Implant Recycling, LLC 
Independent Funeral Directors of Florida 
InterContinental Insurance Brokers, LLC 
Jackman Financial 
Jet Blue Airways 
JMR Sculptures, LLC/Loving Memories 
Kates-Boylston Publications 
Keepsake Floral, Inc. 
KMI Columbaria 
Lasper Imperial Urns 
Lex Classics 
Liberte Art Wares, Inc. 
LifeLegacy Foundation 
Lifelong Memories 
Living Care Caskets, Inc. 
Loving Dedications 
Marketing Memories, LLC 
Memorial International 
Memory Lane Montages 
Memory Vault (The) 
Metis Design & Culture, Inc. 
Michael’s Custom Clothing 
Military Pride Group 
Monarch Resources 
Mortuary Response Solutions 
National Urns, LLC 
Nat’l Foundation for Asset Protection 
Natural Burial Company 
New Directions Cafe’ 
NewBridge Group 
NFDA Oasis 
One Stop China Source, Ltd. 
Otis Spunkmeyer 
Pet Passages 
Price Chopper Medical Wristbands 
Print-A-Plate/Joe Carney Funeral Supplies, LLC 
Professional Car Society Classic Funeral Car’s 
PSM-The Picture Specialist For Memorial 
Reflections Commemorative Portraits 
Reflections The American Funeral 
Release Urns 
Remembrance Objects 
Resomation, LTD 
Right Remains 
RK Productions, Inc. 
Rock & Water Creations, Inc. 
Salem Neckwear Corporation 
Salisbury, Inc. 
Scarf King 
Semco Mfg. Co. 
Seminole Delivery Eqpt. 
Sich Casket Company, Ltd. 
Silver Urns/Maalouf & Maalouf 
Sloan Transfer Service, Inc. 
Sound Hill Technologies 
Sounds Creative 
Sportsman’s Urn Company 
St Jude Children’s Research Hospital 
Sterling Design 
Suellen Collections, Inc. 
Summit Industries, Inc. 
Summit Sounds 
The Auld Sod Official Irish Dirt Company 
The Chestnut Law Firm, LLC 
The Rose Garden 
The Rosemary Company, Inc. 
Thomas-Pierce & Company 
Threads Apparel/The Sewell Companies 
Topaz Systems/Computime 
Treasure Line Urns 
Trees Instead 
Trust 100 
U.S. Dept. of Commerce 
United Memorial Prod./Shanghai Sanxiang Mtl. Prod 
United States Navy Military Funeral Honors 
US Airways 
Veterans & Family Memorial Care 
Wings of Light, Inc. 
Yulecraft Advertising Company 
Zoey Ltd. 
Zoll Medical Corporation