A lot of my vendor friends (which includes my consulting clients) are busy getting ready for the NFDA Convention in Orlando, and Final Embrace is no exception.

Besides securing a flooring system for a new, larger booth (detailed in the post, Our 2008 NFDA Booth is Growing!) I’m busy getting quilted cot covers made for inventory.

We expect to sell at least 50 covers at this convention, although our real goal is 100!  Can we make it?  I think so, and these are the reasons:

  • We were stuck behind a large booth at the 2007 show and saw a lot fewer attendees but still sold 40 covers.
  • We sold over 30 covers at the KFDA show, with a fourth of the exhibitors and attendees expected at this show.
  • Our booth is more prominently placed.
  • People who saw us last year but chose not to order might be reassured seeing us again (repeat years=success).
  • Our second year at the IFDF Convention resulted in 1.5 times the orders, even though there were a lot fewer attendees.

I’ve checked a lot of things off my list so far, including:

  • Book a hotel (we’re staying just a few miles from the convention center)
  • Print handouts (I’m using leftovers from last year, since our prices and styles haven’t changed)
  • Create a display (I’ve modified our setup from the KFDA show)
  • Schedule in-booth talent (I’ve trained my current staff to sell, sell, sell!)
  • Order new nametags (now, everyone matches!)

I’ve still got a few things to square away before the show, including:

  • Negotiate a price for our floor (a friend has a dance floor that he rents out, and I plan to get it from him)
  • Create signage (I need some big signs that show off our name and product)
  • Decide which vehicle to use (I’ve got friends with big SUVs and vans)
  • Pick a restaurant for our “Mort Dinner”

I’ll describe the Mort Dinner in another post, but that’s a lot of stuff to get done in less than two weeks.

Talk to you soon!