Normally, I wouldn’t post an unflattering photo of myself, but this one shows a lot.

IMG_0121 by you.

First, it shows that I’m much balder that I ever thought and sweat-ier than anyone else!

Even more importantly, it illustrates one of the strengths of our company:  teamwork.

We may not have the slickest ads or the biggest marketing budget.  We definitely don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on our convention booths.  What we do have is ingenuity and a team approach.

In this photo, my dad and I discuss how high to mount our homemade sign.  Here’s where we originally placed it:

IMG_0120 by you.

But then we realized that it needed to be higher in the air to be noticed, so my dad improvised a PVC stand for it.  Unsatisfied with the look of the white PVC, I asked him to figure out how to make it look better while I headed off to a 1-hour training session with the guys from Eternal Space, one of my consulting clients.

Using some clear tape and a black garbage bag, my ingenious workers did this:

IMG_0125 by you.

Directly behind our booth is the stage and chairs for the general session.