One of the most exciting parts of the 2008 NFDA Convention, besides selling a bunch of product cot covers, was meeting other vendors and discussing ways we can help each other with moral support and shared knowledge.

So I’m planning to add some Convention reports for vendors.  These articles will focus on my experience as a visitor to the expo (saw a lot of vendors who need a shot of confidence when dealing with attendees) and as a fellow exhibitor.

So here’s a list of the stories I’m planning to write from a vendor point of view, although I don’t know the exact publish dates just yet:

2008 NFDA Convention:  Best and Worst Booth Locations
2008 NFDA Convention:  Not-Yet-Ready-For-Primetime Products
2008 NFDA Convention:  The Tired, The Hungry and The Bored
2008 NFDA Convention:  10 Ways to Get Visitors into Your Booth
2008 NFDA Convention:  How Final Embrace Averaged 36 Sales a Day
2008 NFDA Convention:  10 Unique Booth Configurations and Features