On October 13th of this year, the blog celebrated it’s second birthday.

My second post on the blog discussed why we would NOT be at the NFDA Convention that year:

We started small with internet marketing to reach the clients who were searching for products like ours.  During our second year we began focusing on press releases to the national publications to highlight our great products.  This year, our third, we’ve added some light advertising in trade magazines and we’ve begun building relationships with trade organizations, like OGR. 

We keep our prices low (much lower than Ferno and, when comparing like products, significantly lower than our quilted competitors) and we don’t pass on BIG marketing costs to our clients. 

A booth at the national convention costs over $2000.  When we added airfare, hotel, meals and other handouts and marketing materials, we got a figure of $4000 – $6000.

Now, over 1000 posts later, we’re talking about what we found at the most recent NFDA Convention that we DID attend, as well as our plans for the future.

Later today, you’ll get to read about DAY 4 of the convention and our experience meeting Deidre from Final Reflection and her interesting products.