I’ve got a lot more convention coverage coming for both vendors and funeral directors, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you what our success means for Final Embrace.

First, it means that our product (quilted cot covers) will be used by at least 100 more funeral homes and seen by their competitors and other colleagues.  The more often our covers are seen, the quicker they become industry-standard and the quicker we are able to sell them to all 20,000+ funeral homes in North America.

Equally impressive are the two new distribution relationships that we started with companies based in foreign countries.  Our ten-year plan featured a non-U.S. component and it’s nice to see that, as year 5 winds down, we have already begun to spread our product to other shores.

Because we run a no-debt company, the profit we make from this convention (yes, we made a profit even with all the cash we put out to exhibit and attend) will help us secure better prices for materials (buying more means less per yard costs) and we’ll be able to put more product on the shelf for stock.

More stock means less pressure to make product at the last minute (happens often with our more popular patterns) and a smoother work schedule.

We’re also taking the steps necessary to do more advertising, exhibit at more conventions and begin a direct mail program.

Most of all, the success at this show tells us that we’re on to something.  That no matter what business decisions we make (spend lots of money on ads now or continue to trickle along with word-of-mouth and press releases) our product is still viable and people like what we’re selling.

And the comments we’ve heard at this show will help to fuel our next generation of cot covers, as we’re using the input from funeral directors during the past year (at the IFDF, KFDA and NFDA shows and by phone) to design better features and more-useful covers.

So stay tuned.  We’re still early and there’s a lot more excitement ahead!