During my presentation to funeral directors at the 2008 OGR conference, I discussed how to merchandise products and services within the open, public areas of funeral homes.

I specifically shared the practices that Brian Hanner and the staff at Geib Funeral Home use to show off their products and services.  I had a few pictures to share, but here are more that Brian sent me.

Here’s a nice flag case display:

geib 3 by you.

Even more impressive is where that flag case display is located.  This is the reception area of the funeral home:

geib 2 by you.

Isn’t it awesome how much is visible for anyone who walks in the door?  Instead of hiding the products and services they offer, the staff proudly displays their wares.  Incidentally, the office manager at this location (that’s her desk!) sells a BUNCH of Thumbies from the display on the left.

The Relections Gallery is accessible from the other public areas at the funeral home.  In fact, you have to go through this gallery to access the Coffee Lounge:

geib 9 by you.

Talk about merchandising your product and encouraging browsing!

geib 7 by you.