As always, I love attending the conventions with Tim.  Supporting him, selling his products and being part of the excitement that is generated by the folks buying his cot covers really lights me up!  Meeting the attendees and other vendors is great, too, as then I can put a face to a name when I’m reading the blog or Tim is talking about them.

Tim had the floor installed and the booth assembled on Saturday, with several good friends and fellow salespeople.  I arrived on Monday, while Tim and the others were there on Sunday to start selling.

This year we had an incredible location, good lighting, a dance floor that really made us look different, and more people than ever to help with the booth.  We were always busy and hopping!

Tim made many changes to the display since last October and surprisingly enough, they were much more effective than before (who’d a thought it could get better?).  Along with having the open booth style that he advocates to everyone he coaches, consults with or generally gives tips to on the blog, the design encouraged even more folks to stop and look – and usually buy.

As last year, our goal seemed almost unobtainable.  I felt certain we could pull it off.  Tim’s posts have told you just how great we did.  He is still getting orders as a result of the convention!

My role in photo-taking this year didn’t get very far.  It was so busy that I only took a few and a majority of those didn’t come out well, and I found that frustrating.  Tim had a new way to video folks for the podcasts – a Flip Camera – and he interviewed several vendors when he could get away.

One of the “other” cot cover companies did not attend this years’ convention.  Last year, Tim provided good, sound business advice in his Final Embrace Contributors Forum.  I attended that event and listened as he gave thoughtful assistance to several first-time businesses.  There were several who seemed intent on NOT listening to his advice and, not surprisingly, they didn’t attend this year’s convention.

Tim has been working with consulting clients for quite a while now and those companies had made very positive changes to not only their booths, but to some of their sales strategies.

Always the innovator, Tim set up and hosted a Mort Dinner at a very nice restaurant on Monday evening for anyone that wished to attend.  We had about 12 attendees and the talk was non-stop.  It was a lot of fun, provided lots of insight to many, and declared very successful by all!

Tuesday was just as busy as Monday. We had a new “body” to replace one that early in would think everyone on our team had been selling cot covers for years!  Tim has a pretty specific and easy to do sales presentation, but everyone was so genuine and passionate about the product, they did a truly awesome job!  I went to another booth for three hours to help with some specific coaching.  When I came back to our booth to check on things and go to lunch, it was so busy, I couldn’t go back to the other booth for the rest of the afternoon!

I did not get to stay for the final day, Wednesday, but from everything I’ve heard, it was just as busy and exciting as it was on Monday and Tuesday.

Am I going to Boston next year?  I sure hope so and I’m putting in my convention team request right now!  Being part of the Final Embrace Team is a delight and I’m glad to be there to help, in any way, every step of the way! 

Robin Richter is a Human Resources Expert,
an avid motorcycle enthusiast and,
as the owner of several Boston Terriers, 
is a “rabid” fan of the breed.