In addition to our quilted cot cvoers, we also make our Treasured Memory Bears throughout the year, but Christmas is obviously a very important and busy time for our bear-making operations.

We take clothing of a beloved person (often someone who is deceased) and fashion teddy bears out of them.  So instead of sculpting bears from fur, we use fabric that has special memories and feeling attached.

None of the following bears were made for Christmas 2008.  We like to wait a few months after we deliver a bear to show it online, so all of these bears are from last year or early 2008.

Plaid Bear by you.

Suit & Tie Bear by you.

Antique Dress Bears by you.

Combo Bears 5 by you.

Yellow/Pink Lace Bear and Small Bear 4 by you.


Knit Bear 1 by you.

You can see all the bears we’ve got in our gallery by visiting our site at