Each January, I like to look back over our writing for the last year and see what really stands out.  In truth, a lot of what I write is fine for the day it’s published, but a few exceptional posts stand out after some time has passed.

Here’s a list of what I consider our best posts of 2008, starting with last year’s round-up:

Best Posts of 2007
Funeral Industry Website Roundup
Ignore the Rules: The Cliff Young Story
Don’t Sell Kitty Wigs
Funeral Homes as Retailers
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If You’re Struggling to Make It Work, Maybe it’s Not a Good Idea!
How Heath Ledger’s Funeral Affects Our Industry
Michelle Carter Shares “Is the Future Really So Grim?”

Dale Clock Responds to “Is the Future Really So Grim?”
The Hagglers are Coming

Do Funeral Homes REALLY Need the Internet?
Advertising Before You’re Good Enough
What Message Are You Sending?
Learning from Others’ Mistakes

Electing a “Dead Guy”
Discount Selling and Full-Service Don’t Mix
American Airlines Needs a Discount Brand

Reconnecting: My Argument for Attending Conventions
Serious Money is Coming to Online Obits. And Why it Won’t Work.
Tools Every Funeral Director Should Own
2008 KFDA Convention: Day 3 and Wrap-Up
2008 KFDA Convention: Solving a Problem

Being THE Best VS. Being YOUR Best
Is The Funeral Consumer’s Alliance More “Predatory” Than the Funeral Industry Itself?
What Tim Thinks Every Funeral Home Website Needs
Why Write a Blog for Your Business?
Mourning: Internet-Style

Are Your Employees a Team?

Pet Funeral Home… In New York
Twitter and a Funeral

2008 NFDA Convention: Day 1
What the 2008 NFDA Convention Means for Final Embrace
2008 NFDA Convention: What NFDA Did Right

2008 NFDA Convention: What NFDA Should Fix
2008 NFDA Convention: The Tired, The Hungry and The Bored

Can Part-Time Employees Replace Advertising?
Random Flowers of Kindness
Hosting a Holiday Remembrance Service: 2008 Edition
2008 Business Rewind and Review