At “Big Family Christmas” with my dad’s extended family.  37 of us got together this year to exchange gifts, eat an awesome meal (featuring everything from “Alpo on a cracker” to authentic Spanish paella and fried turkey) and play some truly odd games that my family has devised.  Here’s video where I try to explain Holey Board, only to have my cousin ridicule me in the background.

If you want to know more about the game, check out the official website of some people who make Holey Boards for a lot of money.

I also went to an exciting Eustis High School JV basketball game.  Trailing by a point with 8 seconds left, the Panthers drove the length of the court and fed the ball to their big man, Josh.  As he shot the basket, time ran out.

He missed, but the ref signaled that Josh had been fouled while attempting the shot.  After clearing the court, the official gave Josh the ball to shoot two free throws.

The pressure was clear:  sink one and go to overtime.  Sink both and win the game.  Watch the video to see not only Josh’s performance but the opposing coach’s reaction (he’s the one getting ejected from the game after the free throws):