While I had originally planned to show off our redesigned cot cover models at the South Carolina Expo in early February, I had to change our strategy after a busy December and January pushed our preparations back a few weeks.

So we’re not going to the South Carolina show (which starts Febuary 1st), but I still want to show off our new stuff when it’s ready in a few weeks.

So we’ll be hitching up the wagon and rolling into Atlanta for the Georgia Expo in early March.  The show, co-sponsored by the Georgia FDA and the Independent Funeral Directors of Georgia, should attract a few hundred directors and just under 100 exhibitors.

Since we’re registering kinda late, the booth space will cost us $550 instead of $500.  I’ll choose a cheap hotel for two nights and drive home Tuesday evening.

My tentative goal is to spend less than $1200 and return with at least 10 covers sold.

That’s similar to what I described in the post IFDF Convention: 2007 Roundup.  To paraphrase, we spent a little more than $400 for that show (it was held very near my home) and generated over $2000 in sales.

So if you’re planning to be in Atlanta for the show, make sure you stop by our booth and see our beautiful quilted cot covers up close and in person!