A recent reader, Cathy, had a response to my post, Generating Cold Leads for Pre-Need Sales:

I’m glad that you made a differentiation between the “sharks” and the “Nice Guys” because I’m one of the latter ones. I work for the three letter company you mention and it has become increasingly difficult for me to make a living wage.

I pride myself in taking excellent care of the families I serve and do not… indeed, will not pressure them into anything. I merely offer options and let them choose based upon their wishes and budget.

Because I refuse to be “that” person, I may be looking for a different career.

I was intrigued, because the “nice guy” preneed salespeople don’t last long, it seems, and she’s kinda reinforced that in her last line.

So I visited her blog and read some more of what she has to say about her career.  Sprinkled among articles about low-carb foods (her blog is about her journey as a cemetarian and low carb devotee) are posts about what life as a pre-need counselor is like.

I’ve read most of her recent posts and I find her to be literate and extremely passionate about her job.  I wonder if she’s considered going to mortuary school?

You should check out her blog.