Since we got serious about selling our products at various expo’s around the country, I’ve been looking for a vehicle that can hold everything we take to conventions, including our shelving unit, over 50 sample covers, a computer, luggage and more.

Thing is, it had to be stylish, utilitarian AND cheap.

Here’s what I found, for less than $10,000:


It’s a 2004 Cadillac SRX.  It’s got a HUGE sunroof (over 3′ long!), a even bigger cargo area and lotsa other bells and whistles.

I especially appreciated the heated seats this morning.

We’ll use this beauty to travel the country, visiting at least four or five trade shows every year, selling our quilted cot covers (check out the redesigned site at

Next stop?  The Georgia Expo, co-sponsored by the GFDA and the IFDG, starting March 2nd.