One of my customers and a faithful blog reader, Jodi Clock, cornered me at the 2008 NFDA Convention and told me I had to make a pet removal cot cover, so long as I made her one first.

Well, Jodi, here’s the fabric I’ve found so far:


I think it’s appropriate for most pets, like dogs and cats.  Might even work for a badger, squirrel or ferret.  I like the dark blue background, as it will ward off stains and dirty handprints.  What do you think?

Anyone else doing enough pet funeral business that they need a cover for those clients?

I’ve promised Jodi first dibs, so if she wants one with this fabric, we’ll make hers first and start on the rest later.  I’m thinking of offering this pattern with a sheet made from our FluidBlocker lining fabric to place over the cot pad.  Of course, that’s just an initial reaction.  What features do you think would be important for a pet removal cover?