I was just re-reading some old personal blog posts I wrote around the time I started Final Embrace for the funeral industry and found this interesting tidbit about podcasts:

For the longest time (roughly three months and two days) I didn’t understand podcasting.  I just figured it was some really technical new medium that only the well-connected internet users were experimenting with.

Then I heard a podcast.  To be fair, it may have been one of the worst podcasts ever made, but it was my first, so I use it here as the example.

Turns out that podcasting is nothing more than someone talking into a microphone about crap no one else cares about.

Let me get this straight:  computer technology has evolved to such a point that we can now carry with us the ability to listen to boring people pontificate on subjects about which they have only cursory knowledge while we ride the bus?

I’m confused.  I thought that was why they invented the transistor radio in the SIXTIES!  But it’s even worse.  At least with ad-supported radio, you have to possess at least a sliver of talent.  But  today’s podcasting makes any idiot with a microphone a “star” of their own show. 

The internet is turning into ham radio.  Have you seen the people who operate ham radios? 

I have little hope for the future of this planet.

Those of you who have been lurking here for any period of time will probably know that I’ve done my share of podcasts (seems I wised up, eh?) but you haven’t seen many lately.

And why is that?

Laziness and a lack of time to sit at a computer and record my conversations with folks.  And also because my video camera is such a pleasant companion that I’d much rather get audio AND video for the same amount of work.

Still, I think podcasts have their purpose and I’ll be posting more soon.