Eustis Fire Display 2009 #5 by eustisfire.

In addition to the blog, my company (selling cot covers!), preparations for the Georgia Expo next week and all the plans for the 126th Annual GeorgeFest in my little town, I’ve also been prepping a display for the Eustis Historical Museum and Preservation Society.

Headquartered in a turn-of-the-century house built by one of the town’s fathers, the Eustis Historical Museum gathers memorabilia and artifacts from the 126+ years of our area’s history and presents it throughout rooms in the spacious home.

I was recently elected the 1st Vice President of the society (I wasn’t busy enough, I guess) and I spent a few hours talking with my fellow officers about future plans.  We’re testing out one of those plans here, by letting the fire department – something I know well – become the first “swing exhibit” at the museum. 

If this display, which is tucked into a back room, does well, we have plans to kick off June with an exhibit of local wedding dresses throughout history, complete with days where locals can renew their wedding vows in the Unity Bell Clifford Gazebo (on the grounds) or in the front parlor.

We’ll host an “opening” for the fire dept. exhibit in a few weeks.  If you’re in town, I hope to see you there!

Eustis Fire Display 2009 #1 by eustisfire.