Dawn at Georgia Expo 2009 by you.

We’re on our way to the Georgia Expo in Atlanta, hosted by the IFDG and the GFDA and it’s SNOWING!!!

The Georgia Expo is being held at the Georgia Depot, a converted train station, near the Georgia State Capitol.

We’ve arrived at our hotel in Atlanta, but the picture above is from outside Macon!  It’s about 34 degrees right now and the snow is piling higher as we speak.

The expo starts tomorrow, with load-in at 8:00 am and the kick-off at 11:30.  Doesn’t leave a lot of time to get things setup and ready, but we’ll manage.

I’ve been told to expect between 200 and 400 funeral directors, so we’re making a pretty bold prediction that we can sell at least 15 covers.  But you know how I think, so I’ve set our goal at 20, just to push ourselves.

Since this company is a family affair, I’ve brought along a new booth worker, my aunt Dawn.  She’s retired from the Orange County Fire Department, but spent a number of years going to conventions and exhibiting for the deparment.

We’ll check back in tomorrow night!