Today was a good day for our sales (although attendance trailed off too quickly) and the new features we added to the ULTRA model of our cot covers are attracting customers.

Nine of the ten covers we’ve sold are the ULTRA model, which features a pocket, binding on the lower edge of the cover and ScotchGard spray on the top fabric.  To that, we’ve added a drawstring at the head end (helps keep the cover out of the wheels) and a matching lined pillowcase.

Unfortunately, the weather or another force kept some folks from turning out in huge numbers, but the organizers have shown me the stack of Tuesday-only registrants and I’m hopeful about turnout for tomorrow; it helps that there is a meeting with local legislators tomorrow and many of the funeral directors want to chat with them.

Our goal for the whole convention is 20 covers sold.  At 5:43 pm (it closed at 6:00 pm today) Dawn sold 8, 9 and 10.  With new attendees and those who promised to come back tomorrow, we have a chance to meet or beat our goal.

More updates tomorrow.