I had an interesting conversation with “Urnman” on the NFDA Biz Exchange message board just a few weeks ago.  I was trying to figure out a new product he was talking about and I accidentally suggested there was a “gimmick” to it.

What I meant to ask was “what’s the hook that makes this thing a ‘must-have’ for families?”

Luckily, he was also attending the Georgia Expo last week and he brought a frame for me to check out.

Here’s what it looks like in person:

P1000558 by you.

The frame can hold a 4″x6″ photo and has a section below for either a computer-printed or hand-written epitaph.  The frame is weatherproof, with a neoprene seal for the access panel and a anti-condensation cover for the photograph.

Made of a strong, gold-colored plastic, this is one well-built frame.  It’s supported by a bracket on the back that will allow it to either stand, like in the picture above, or slip over a ground stake, turning the frame into a temporary marker.  Here’s a detail view of the bracket:

P1000559 by you.

If you look closely at the picture above, you may notice a button near the bottom of the frame and a speaker area on the right.  The button controls power to the motion-sensor on the front, that tells the frame to play “Fur Elise” by Beethoven when there is movement.

I told “Urnman” (Larry) that I’d retail this thing for $50 and show it to families when discussing marker choices for burial.  In Florida, funeral homes can sell markers, so I’d help the family design their permanent marker, then show them this beautiful frame and a plain, gray temporary marker, saying:

We give all of our families one of these simple gray markers to identify the grave space until your permanent marker is ready in six to eight weeks.  But we also have these musical photo frames that have space for a picture and can be taken home with you after the granite is placed.  The frame is just $50.  Which would you prefer?

Given the choice, at least half of these families will choose the more attractive option, in my opinion.

Check them out on Larry’s site, www.cremationurnsdirect.com.

P1000560 by you.