Here’s what the press release has to say:

EternalSpace™ today announced its prestigious Advisory Council comprised of deathcare industry experts Alan Creedy, Gene Gormley, Francis E. Peters, Ph.D., Wade Clark Roof, Ph.D., Ryan Thogmartin, Timothy Totten, and Jack Wilsey.  The Advisory Council will play a key role in the development and evolution of EternalSpace to ensure that the EternalSpace online memorial service meets the changing needs of society and the company’s funeral industry partners.  In addition, the company introduced its sales leadership team, all funeral industry veterans.  Scott Billingsley manages the worldwide sales of EternalSpace online memorials as Vice President of Global Sales; Jeff Hatcher will manage the southeastern region; John Ledford will spearhead the western region, and James P. McGilley III will lead the mid-western region for EternalSpace. 

“EternalSpace is privileged to work with some of the industry’s leading experts,” said EternalSpace President Jay Goss.  “With hundreds of years of combined experience and an intricate knowledge of our industry, our team’s understanding and insight will be vital in helping us meet the changing needs of our funeral industry partners and the families they serve.”

The EternalSpace Advisory Council

•    Alan Creedy, President, Trust 100, began his career in deathcare 30 years ago as President of the financially distressed OGR Service Corporation, the for-profit arm of The Order of The  Golden Rule. After five years and the successful rebirth of thecompany, he became President of Brown-Wynne Funeral homes and cemeteries, which he continued to build and ultimately sold for the highest multiple paid at that time.  Concurrently, he and Mr. Wynne acquired J.J. Fallon Company, the 28th  largest retail florist in the FTD network.  After the sale of Brown-Wynne, Mr. Creedy became President of Trust 100, a company he helped found in 1985.  As President, he built the company to one of the largest preneed marketing  companies in the nation.

•    Gene Gormley, a retired Funeral Director of almost 50 years, who started his career working at his father’s funeral home in New York.  In the mid-1960s, Mr. Gormley bought and ran his father’s funeral home in Phoenicia, New York, averaging 90 calls annually.

•    Francis E. Peters, Ph. D., is a Professor Emeritus at New York University where he holds appointments in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, History and Religion.  Professor Peters is a pioneer in the comparative study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and has written and lectured extensively.  He earned his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Princeton University.

•    Wade Clark Roof, Ph.D., is a Professor, Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who focuses on American religious trends, the sociology of religion, and ethnography.  He is a columnist on and has been widely published.  Professor Roof is conducting research on religious pluralism and civic culture; progressive religious voices in the United States, and generations and religious change.

•    Ryan Thogmartin, Founder of the innovative, the industry’s only social network for funeral professionals that provides news, blogs and other industry information.  In addition, Mr. Thogmartin works in sales for his family’s burial vault company, Hupp Stiverson Wilbert Vault Inc., which has been manufacturing Wilbert burial vaults for 82 years.  

•    Timothy Totten, an industry veteran who owns and operates, which helps funeral directors with marketing and management issues, and, which produces quilted cot covers for removals at a death call.  Mr. Totten writes the industry’s largest blog and is the go-to resource for industry news and trends.  He has helped lead operations for both independent, family-owned and SCI corporate funeral homes and was licensed in preneed and insurance sales.

•    Jack Wilsey, an industry veteran who has been a licensed New York State Funeral Director for over 32 years, with his brother owns and operates Seamon-Wilsey Funeral and E.B. Gormley Funeral Home, which averages 150 calls a year.