You may wonder where I’ve been lately.  I”ve been wondering that myself! 🙂

Truth is, I’ve been getting ready for the Ohio FDA Expo, which starts next Wednesday.  I’m leaving out Monday, May 18th, so there are a lot of things to do in the next six days to get our display ready.

First, we’ve got to get enough cot covers on the shelf to meet demand AND fill our display for the show.  That means carrying 50 covers with us and making more for inventory.  Not an easy task.

Second, I had to get off my wallet and order a professional sign for our booth.  It wasn’t easy – I hated parting with that $150, even if it means really awesome signage – but I think we’ll wow a few folks with our improved display. 

Third, I’ve got to plan our route, book hotels and decide on dining option for each leg of the trip.

Luckily, there’s a nice Cantina (Pappasito’s) where we’ve eaten on trips to Atlanta and Kentucky and some friends to join us at other stops on the way.

So far, our agenda looks like this:

Monday, May 18th
6:00 am – Get up too darn early and drive to Atlanta for lunch at Pappasito’s Cantina
2:00 pm – Continue to Richmond, Kentucky and turn in for the night

Tuesday, May 19th
7:00 am – Get up kinda early and meet Spencer Guily, from, for breakfast in Richmond
9:00 am – Drive to Columbus, Ohio
2:00 pm – Check into our awesome hotel and have dinner with an old friend, Albert

Wednesday, May 20th
8:00 am – Get up at a normal hour and head around the corner to the convention center
10:00 am – Unload our tightly packed vehicle and set up our new floor (more later)
10:30 am – Set up our booth
12:00 pm – Go have lunch at some ridiculously beautiful place (that’s my hope, at least)
2:00 pm – Take our time getting ready for the expo opening
4:30 pm – Expo doors open
7:30 pm – Post-expo nightcap meal and drink at local establishment

Thursday, May 21st
8:00 am – Still sleeping, recovering from an exhausting day selling cot covers
12:00 pm – Day 2 of Expo
4:00 pm – Expo closes for the day
5:00 pm – Dinner with other funeral friends, plotting industry domination

Friday, May 22nd
7:00 am – Too early wake-up call
8:30 am – Check out of hotel
9:30 am – Expo doors open for final day
12:30 pm – Another successful convention ends
2:30 pm – On the road to Richmond, Kentucky

Saturday, May 23rd
7:00 am – On the road back to Eustis, Florida with a pile of orders in our hands!

In addition, I’m putting the finishing touches on our floor.  Instead of renting carpet, or buying a junked piece, like I did in Kentucky last year (2008 KFDA Convention: 1st Day of the Expo), I’m building a floor out of scraps from our quilted cot covers.  I’ll take some pictures soon, but I can best describe it in words as a window frame with back lines between dark blue panes.

Ugh, gotta get back to sewing!