I just competed in flag football championship weekend.  Our team played in two leagues:  Age 30+ and Age 18-29.

How did I play in the younger league if I’m 33?  Because the rules allow the old, fat, slow guys to play against the younger guys, but not the other way around.


I took this picture as the 18-29 league championship game was ending.  That’s the “Final Embrace Convention Wagon” on the left.

We lost against the younger guys.  But I got my very first sports trophy for the 30+ league championship, where we beat the team “Pick 6” by three touchdowns.  I even scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion!

All-in-all, the season of flag football was exciting and worthwhile.  But when they start back up in three weeks, I’ve told the organizers that I’ll stick to officiating.  My body isn’t made to twist, fall or bounce like it did last season!