We left for Ohio on Monday, May 18th.  Our trip went smoothly, and we stopped in Richmond, Kentucky for the night.

I spent the morning with blog reader, Spencer Guiley from www.Hilltop.net, who bought me breakfast and clued me into what he’s been doing lately.  He’s getting ready for the Missouri convention, where he’ll share his easy-to-update funeral home website service with Show-Me state funeral directors.

On the road by nine, we passed through Cincinnati traffic around 10:30 am, stopping every few feet  because of all the congestion.  We cleared traffic around 11:00 and got into Columbus by 1:0o pm.

We found the convention center easily.  The dock workers were very friendly and pointed us to booth #132.  We’re right next to the booth for www.ConnectingDirectors.com and two down from our friends from Eternal Space.

I’ve designed a new floor, made from fabric pieces left over from our quilted cot covers, and it laid out in a jiffy.  Our shelves were already pieced together, since we shipped everything in our car that way, so it was easy to carry them in on a dolly.

The expo doesn’t start until 4:00 pm tomorrow, so I’ll take some pictures as we finish our basic setup in the morning and try to post them before the show starts.

Going to bed now.  Been a long two-days’ drive.