Day three in Columbus started early, packing our bags and checking out of the hotel before heading over to the convention center for the lst day of the show.

The expo kicked off for the last time at 9:30 am.  I was nervous about the day, since last days of long expos (3 or more days) are usually kinda quiet.  Often, the folks who are visiting for the entire convention have already walked the floor the previous two days and don’t plan to come back, even if they’ve missed an entire aisle.

On the vendor side, a lot of exhibitors are tired of being on the road and want to get home, which makes the last day an exercise in “watch the clock” or “jump the gun,” in an effort to get out of the hall as quickly as possible.

Luckily, our last day was awesome.  On Wednesday, we sold 15 covers, on Thursday, 17 and on Friday, the last day, we sold an additional 14.

As we winded down to the 12:30 pm finish time, I noticed fewer and fewer funeral directors on the floor.  At most shows, we wait 15 or 20 minutes after the “closing time” to break down, because there’s always one funeral director who is still on the floor and coming back to order a cover from us.

But at this convention, the closing general session started at 12:30, meaning that most funeral directors were in the main room by 12:15 or so and no one was walking the floor.  In fact, the workers from George Fern Co. (the official exhibitor services company at the convention center) were poised to start ripping up the aisle carpet at the stroke of 12:30.

Normally, I’d pack up our booth and then have lunch at a nearby restaurant while all the other vendors fight their way to the loading dock to pack up their cars.  It’s usually very jammed, but this time it looked to be clearing as we finished tearing down the booth, so we chanced it. 

On the road by 2:00 pm, we drove to Cartersville, GA and crashed at a hotel at 10:00 pm.  Seven more hours today and we should be home!

Oh, and I’ll post a “review” in the next few days with something more than just the facts.  I’ve got some impressions of Ohio to share, as well as some insight into what really sells our product at conventions.  And I did a couple of video interviews at the show, so I want to bring those to you.