Is that a loud enough text scream?!?

I’m a little upset with my Flip Camera right now, since it can’t seem to upload videos to Youtube.  You may remember that the whole reason I bought the camera was to upload to Youtube.  So it’s broken, basically.

And I can’t upgrade it, because none of my computers (we have three in our house) can seem to finish downloading the upgrade software.  Gets to the last 2% and hangs up.

It’s really frustrating because I have some awesome video to share with you.  I did interviews with Mike from Above and Beyond Display Systems and Dave from a company whose name just left my head.  They make customizable register books, candles and other items.  This stupid camera has got me so twisted that I can’t even remember his company!

I also talked with Bryan Chandler of Chandler Funeral Home about how to sell memorial videos to funeral attendees.  And I took awesome video of the entire show floor. 

Maybe it’ll work tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll put it behind the back wheel of the convention wagon and put the car in reverse.

Right now, it’s a toss-up.