I’m excited about today’s start of the 2009 Mid-Western Trade Show, sponsored by the Funeral Directors Assocation of Kentucky, but I’m also kinda nervous.

That’s because this is the first expo where our company is exhibiting, but I’m still sitting at home.  Why?  Because it’s finally time to send some of my “minions” to man the booth and sell, sell, sell while I work on projects closer to home.

Lynn and Linda, my two busiest sew-ers, are in Louisville right now, getting ready for the first day of the show, which starts this afternoon at 5:00 pm.  Here’s a look at what they were able to accomplish yesterday and this morning, when they finished setting up the booth:


It’s interesting to me how many other booths haven’t even started to set up yet.  And check out the floor.  The show doesn’t require carpet (they don’t even put carpet in the aisles) but I think our “carpet,” made from our fabrics, is a nice “sea of tranquility” on the concrete floor.

We’ve got three days in Louisville, with show hours from 5-8 tonight, 12-3 tomorrow and 8-11:30 on Wednesday.  Their goal is to sell 40 covers.  When Linda and I attended last year, we sold 32 covers to a whole new audience.  I’m hoping this year we’ll get some reorders and some orders from people who didn’t want to “take a chance” last time.

Updates to follow at Linda reports them to me.