July 2009

Sometimes, the picture says it all.  Check out the 3-D cremation urns offered by Cremation Solutions.

By the way, I found this on my favorite blog, BoingBoing.net.



Here are the first official “publicity shots” of our new store:

Store #1 by you.

Store #4 by you.

We’re carrying mostly medical uniforms right now, with a plan to branch into firefighting and police uniforms as we gather contacts and contracts.

Our first few days of “sneak previews” were relatively successful, with sales each day and word of mouth spreading.

And don’t worry, I’ll be back here soon, talking all about the funeral industry that I’ve had to forget about for a few weeks now.

‘Til then, see ya!

Wanna visit Elite Uniforms?  Check out www.EliteUniformStore.com.


I have not died.  I did not fall off a cliff and I haven’t been eaten by a swarm of angry bats.

I’ve been opening a store.

Here’s a pic of what I’ve accomplished:

P1000919 by you.

We had our first “soft opening” tonight and sold $130 worth of stuff.  More soft opening tomorrow night and Saturday day.

We launch full operations Saturday, August 1st.

More info later and maybe, just maybe, a funeral-related post.  But don’t hold your breath for the next 10 days, because I can’t handle all the hyperventilating you might experience.

From the desk of our friend, Kim Stacey:

Join Us in an Empowering Conversation

The launch event for the Association of Women Funeral Directors will be held on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009. Kim Stacey, the Founder and CEO of the association will be joined by Karen Cappello, PCC, CLC.

Karen has been coaching coaches and entrepreneurs to build their businesses for the past 7 years.  She has earned the prestigious Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation, and is a Master Certified Learning Facilitator, one of only 10 in the world. 
“Karen’s specialty is facilitating growth for individuals and businesses,” said Kim, when asked why she chose Karen to help her celebrate the launch of the Association. “She is the perfect woman in so many ways: professional, witty, wise, and a highly-experienced coach.  Karen always makes you feel special – and I want all who join us to know just how wonderful they are, and just how much I appreciate them!”

The hour-long event will take place between 11 and Noon, PDT, 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET. All who wish to attend can send an email to: awfdlaunch@aweber.com. “All you’ll need to join us is your telephone – and a comfortable chair!”
For further details on the benefits of membership, visit the AWFD Web site at www.wfdconnect.com.

We’ve been busy in the store, building walls for dressing rooms, assembling shelving and placing furniture.  I’ve still got to finish the bathroom (light fixture, mirror, etc.) and get the floors cleaned.

Dad Installs Door Hardware by you.

ABOVE:  My dad installs hardware on a dressing room door. 
BELOW:  A completed dressing room.

Dressing Rooms Finished by you.

Stock will begin to arrive next week, which means sorting, steaming, hanging and entering into the computer system.  Oh yeah, and I need to buy a computer system.

It never ends, but it’s been a fun ride so far.

As anyone who’s been reading the blog will know, I’ve been very busy getting ready to open our new retail store.  We’re going to be selling uniforms for nurses, firefighters and police officers.

When we started, the store was just a shell, with only a bathroom and small “kitchen nook” area.  To that, we need to add dressings rooms, partition for our back area where we’ll continue to make our quilted cot covers and a cash register area.

Here are some pictures of our current progress:

Store in Progress 7 by you.

Store in Progress 1 by you.

The walls were already painted and the floor is terrazzo, so we don’t have to do a lot of other painting.  We’ve actually done a bit more than these photos, but I didn’t take any of the store before we left for fireworks (our city always does them on the first Friday of July, to coincide with our famous, rocking street party).

My friend, Kim Stacey, just sent me this press release:

The newly-formed association is looking for women who want to share their expertise, energy and insights to strengthen the presence of women in funeral service.

The AWFD Advisory Board consists of 5 AWFD members. It provides counsel, advice, contacts, professional skills and experience. The goal is to have 3 licensed professionals and 2 mortuary college students or apprentices working in the field.

The most recent appointee is Kristan McNames, of Grace Funeral and Cremation Services, in Rockford, Illinois. “We’re delighted to have Kristan join us in leading the AWFD. She has a unique vision for her firm, is an advocate for a more modern approach to funeral service.”

Board membership is designed to work with the often hectic schedules of funeral professionals. “We meet via conference call six times per year, or when an issue needs to be addressed. All appointments are for one year,” shared Kim Stacey, AWFD founder, “but we’re keenly aware of the stressful nature of their day-to-day service to families in their communities. It is not our intention to add to their stress level in any way – so we keep Board activities to a minimum.”

If you’d like to be a leader within AWFD, you may apply for Advisory Board membership by completing the online application found on the Web site, http://www.wfdconnect.com. You will find a link to the application on the Home page of the site. Once completed, the content of your application will be submitted directly to the CEO for review.