This is as good a time as any to talk about one major mistake I see funeral industry exhibitors making:  wearing inappropriate clothing.

For my small company, the only appropriate clothing is a dark suit with conservative tie.  Why do we wear this?  Because we’re selling a product used during home and hospital removals, when funeral homes pay special attention to how their staff dresses and acts.

If I look like I could go on a removal at a moment’s notice, it allows them to visualize the cot cover in it’s natural, if unpleasant setting: during the transfer of remains into a funeral home’s care.

Of course, there are areas of funeral service where a more casual appearance might be appropriate.  Someone selling retorts (crematory machinery) might want to wear something industrial, like a jumpsuit.  Folks peddling chemicals often wear embriodered shirts with the company logo.

Still, wearing a shirt unbottoned to the navel and spiking your hair might tell a visitor to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that you are hip and involved with the latest technology, but all it does to funeral convention attendees is turn them off.

I watched last year as my friends from Eternal Space, a now-defunct company, tried to wow attendees with their tech-forward Internet memorial concept, and wondered how much more comfortable their visitors would have been if the presenters had looked more like them.

Does long hair and funky purple leather European loafers help impress funeral directors?  Hardly.

Keep it simple and dignified.