Folks, I have been super-busy.  Between the uniform store ( and cot covers (, I’ve had my hands full.

And now I remember that the 2009 NFDA Convention is less than two months away!  ARGH!!!! So much still to do.

The first convention I attended was in Las Vegas, but I had family there, so I was able to ship my product and fly out to meet it. 

The last convention was in Orlando, which meant a 1 hour ride, carrying the product and shelving units in the back of the truck.

But this year, it’s in Boston and I’ve got to send my products and display in a crate or on a pallet via common carrier.  Boy, am I nervous about that plan!

For the most part, I’m worried about getting everything there in one piece.  I’m also concerned about the cost.  I’m notoriously frugal, so I hate to shell out extra bucks for something that has never cost me a lot of money.  Oh, and I’m still worried about what happens if my stuff doesn’t arrive.

Add to it the stress of opening a retail store ( and you can imagine my current frustrations. 

So I’m going to call the hotel tomorrow to make the reservation.  And I’ll book our flights.  And I’ll try to figure out the best way to load a pallet and wrap it so that everything stays safe.  Anyone got pointers?

And I’ll be back here in the next few days to, hopefully, announce a great benefit for exhibitors at the 2009 NFDA Convention.  Hint?  It involves some high-profile publicity through NFDA and some interaction with me!

Can’t wait, can you?