I’ve made this early checklist to help me plan our booth at the 2009 NFDA Expo.

However, there are some other vendors out there who might find this useful, so I’m sharing it with my audience.


– Choose floor material and how to secure it
– Test booth elements, both setup, teardown and strength
– Unroll banners and look for any peeling, cracking, etc.
– Time setup and teardown


– Calculate amount of product to take
– Weigh product for shipping requirements
– Prepare packing materials


– Design or update convention fliers (I’ve got some from the last show that I like)
– Other handouts?  Want keychains or other crap to give away?
– Print bags for information and the odd “carryout” order.
– Print order forms


– Hotel Reservations
– Flight Reservations
– Map Subway/Bus routes to hotel, convention center, airport
– Input info into www.TripIt.com so people can follow my movements
– Seek out some great restaurants in Boston


– Get hands on a pallet
– Figure out how to strap stuff to a pallet
– Figure out how to wrap a pallet in cling film
– Get the pallet to a loading dock
– Arrange for pickup
– Cross fingers and hope the stuff makes it to Boston in one piece!


– Find some stuff to write here so this list doesn’t look so short.