As part of my work as a consultant to other funeral industry vendors, I often spend several hours discussing the specifics of how they will set up their booth, interact with prospective customers and act during the show.

In fact, I’ve written several articles about this, most of which boil down to “wake up and realize how important your trade show hours can be!”

I started out on the blog writing about Common Convention Mistakes.  Then I talked specifically about booth setup in Convention Tip: Get Away From the Table.

Having trouble getting people to stop at your booth?  Maybe you need to read my post,  2008 NFDA Convention: The Tired, The Hungry and The Bored, to see if your attitude needs an adjustment.

Finally, I cautioned exhibitors not to stuff their face, in the post, Hey, Vendors. Stop Telling Me How Hungry You Are.

Want to know how we make our conventions successful?  Read 2008 NFDA Convention: How Final Embrace Averaged 36 Sales a Day.

Other good reading?  Try these:
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Next week, I’ll talk about some specifics for the upcoming NFDA convention.  And I’ll tell you about a few opportunities for vendors to interact with Final Embrace and maybe, just maybe, improve your visibility to funeral directors all across the country.