Starting with covers sold at the 2009 NFDA Convention in Boston, all of our product will be made with a recycled quilt batting.  Until now, we’ve been using a batting made from polyester that had not been recyled.  To be fair, that was the only batting we had available.

But now, we can get our hands on Wellspring batting, which is spun out of the plastic that makes up 2-liter soda bottles.

Basically, they get a shipment of these from a recycler:

They melt it down, spin the plastic on a batting machine and produce this:

And it’s a recycled product!  Which means that instead of those soda bottles going into a landfill, they’re going into the cot covers we make.

The batting costs about 25% more than the old version, but we think it’s worth it to bring you a better product that respects our resources and reduces waste that would otherwise go to the dump.  But you won’t see your prices go up, since the batting is a small portion of the overall materials costs for our covers.

You know what’s even better?  This batting is actually softer than the old stuff and washes better too!