We arrived in Boston yesterday (Saturday, October 24th) just after 1:00 pm.  We took a taxi directly to the convention center and found our booth.

We had until 4:00 pm to work on the expo floor, so we started right away.

We laid out all four pieces of our recycled flooring and, using carpet tape, secured it to the concrete floor.  The flooring is made from scraps of our most popular cot cover fabric.  I originally made two 5’x10′ sections for the Ohio FDA show in May.  They worked great (and saved us money on carpet rental) so I made an additional section to fit our 10’x15′ booth for the Kentucky FDA Expo in June.

Since our NFDA booth is 10’x20′ again this year, I made another piece of flooring so we’d have four 5’x10′ sections.  They travel well – we fold them along the sewing lines and they stack great – and are easy to put down quickly.

We’ve gotten pretty quick with the rest of our setup, so putting up the rack, organizing our product and dressing the cot and table took less than 30 minutes.

The only major difference for this show is that we didn’t bring our fake dressing table, so we used the boxes that we shipped our product in to create the table.  I also ordered 25 extra boxes so we can ship product right from the show after the expo ends.

We were finished by 4:00 pm and here’s the result:

KFDA Convention 007