Anyone else host or attend a holiday remembrance service this year?

I went to one hosted by a good friend of mine at his corporate funeral home.  It was on a cold, rainy night.  I was amazed at how many of his clients braved the wet streets and construction (his company is building him a beautiful new facility) to attend the short service.

They read all of the names of those they had served the previous year and had a wonderful caroling group in period costume sing some beautiful songs while they lit candles in commemoration.  They ended with a prayer and a word from the funeral director.

In past years, he’s asked families to decorate a tree with an ornament they had made, he’s given away dove ornaments to everyone who attended and held candlelight services in the cemetery attached to his funeral home.

No matter what he’s done, the people who attend – sometimes hundreds, sometimes less – are touched by the gesture of remembrance and reaffirm their bond with his firm and his staff.

Is it any wonder that his funeral home continues to grow each year?