I read a lot of blogs.  My feed reader has almost 50 blogs in it and I try to read something from each of them on a regular basis.  True, there are some blogs that update more often and, because they’re more interesting, get my attention every day.  Other bloggers update every few weeks, but I keep them in my feed reader because they’re just so darned interesting.

One of my favorite bloggers, a down-to-earth guy named Trent, writes “The Simple Dollar,” a blog about personal finances.  Three years ago, he blogged about tackling 101 Goals in 1,001 Days.

Now, he didn’t quite make it, but he managed 52 of them and is donating money to charity to make up for the others (that was goal #26).

In a similar vein, and because it clearly worked well for him, I am planning 50 goals in 500 days.  Now, I hear your question:  Why fewer goals and fewer days? 

First, fewer goals is more obtainable.  And while Trent might not have a big issue with not actually finishing, I’d like to cross everything off that list.

Second, I already have long-term goals, many of which, conveniently, are set to end in the next few years.  500 days works out to early June 2011, which allows me to set a lot of incremental goals that will track along with my overall big goals and get me there in the timeframe I’ve set up.

Only problem?  I haven’t even started writing the goals yet!  Anyone want to make some suggestions?

I know one of my first goals is going to be writing a book.  I started one, which never quite panned out.  I’ve got part of a fiction book written and I want to finish it.  But what I’m really excited about is a book that develops from interviews with funeral directors.

In short, I want to write about the habits, plans and goals of effective and successful funeral directors.  What makes them great businesspeople, how they handle their unique jobs and how the industry has changed, including the challenges now facing their firms.

So look for my goals in the next few days.  And comment with some suggestions.  I gotta find 50, remember?