Heads up to our friends attending the South Carolina Funeral Directors Association Conference and Expo:  we’ll be there!

We’re heading North to show off our quilted cot covers to the great funeral directors in South Carolina.  I’m excited, since the organizers tell me that funeral directors from at least three other states regularly attend the show.  In fact, I’ve heard from a number of other exhibitors that South Carolina is one of the best Southern shows to attend.

Truth is, we were disappointed by last year’s Kentucky expo and did not expect to attend many other small shows.  Our NFDA presence has been such a great benefit to us that we considered sticking to larger expos and forgetting about the smaller venues.

But then we took a long hard look at our last couple of shows, including the Ohio, Georgia and Florida shows, and came to a surprising conclusion:  small shows are usually just as profitable as the big ones!

Oh, but one caveat:  only for the first two years.  After that, we have to either find a new product to push or take a year or two off.

Our Independent Funeral Directors of Florida expos were great the first two years, but the third year saw a dropoff, mostly because we’d already sold covers to every funeral director at the show.  Our pool of potential new customers shrank every time we sold to another person from the group. 

So we’re planning to roll out our dressing table skirt design at the IFDF show in June.  In fact, we’d like to show it off at the Georgia Expo in early March, but I’m giving my team time to get everything squared away without crazy pressure.

This South Carolina expo, February 2-3, is going to cost us less than $1000 to attend.  First, we’re staying with my uncle, who lives in Columbia, so no hotel room.  The rent of the booth itself is just shy of $600 and my Prius sips gas sparingly, so we should be able to make it there and back on just over two tanks of gas.  Add to the total some food and other incidentals and I’m thinking $800 or so for the entire event.

After we get back, we’ve got just a few weeks to process all the orders and head out to the Georgia Expo, which is March 1st and 2nd in Atlanta. 

Come see us at a show!  Remember, we always give a healthy discount for Expo orders.