I’ve been hard at work getting ready for the 2010 NFDA Expo in New Orleans.  That means getting our booth cleaned up, making sure product is boxed up, designing brochures and packing my suitcase.

It also means getting my little Flip video camera charged so I can shoot some “man on the street” videos for NFDA’s website.  Here’s what one looks like:

Yesterday, Andy Werner, my good friend at NFDA headquarters, sent out an email detailing a special NFDA package that exhibitors can take advantage of that will boost their online presence with NFDA and generate some great visibility for their company.

For just $650, a company can get a year’s worth of online exposure to NFDA members.  First, the company gets a featured listing on the NFDA Biz Exchange website.  Now, there are already 12 companies who have that kind of listing, so to make it even more attractive, we will also produce a “product demonstration” or “service interview” video, shot by me, to the listing.

Basically, if you decide to invest in this kind of exposure, Andy will add your company to the featured area of the NFDA website.  Then, I’ll set up a time to see you at the NFDA Expo (before or after show hours) and film a 1-2 minute interview with you or one of your representatives.  We’ll talk about what your company does.  You can even show off product and point out why your widget is better than others.  We’ll keep it positive, so no trash-talking your competitors, but the object is to give people who haven’t come to the expo or may be watching in six months an “expo-eye” view of your booth and product.  We’ll end by telling people how to find your product.

If you’re spending thousands of dollars to exhibit at this show, you know the importance of being seen at this kind of industry event and the great selling opportunities that the NFDA Expo offers.  My company, which sells quilted cot covers, writes almost 20% of our annual business at this show. 

The next best thing to being there is watching a video of it.  Imagine being able to “sell” your product to tens of thousands of NFDA site visitors who didn’t get to see you at the convention.

Want to know more?  Already have a featured listing on the NFDA site and want to add the video?

For more information, please contact Andrew Werner at 262-814-1550 or awerner@nfda.org.