If you don’t keep up with Connecting Directors, I question whether you’re really connected to this industry.  When Ryan, the site’s prime mover, first contacted me for help getting a press release in order, I wasn’t sure about his chances.  Running a daily site for any industry requires a lot of stamina, but putting out interesting stuff for funeral directors every 24 hours is an even tougher task.

Why?  You know why: because funeral directors are so busy with all the other things in their life that getting them to read a blog or website every day or even once a week is a very difficult task.  And Ryan has done that, day in and day out for several years now.

I say this because I certainly haven’t been as active as in past years.  This blog sits silent most days.  Other times, I begin to write and find that I don’t have much left to say.  The tank’s not empty, not exactly.  It’s just that I’ve already talked about all the topics that I know much about.  I mean, how many more times can I tell you to educate your community about cremation?  If you’re a regular reader and you haven’t been pursuaded, then you are probably beyond my grasp.

It all started when I stopped working in a funeral home.  I don’t have the daily interaction with grieving people or the task of dressing and casketing remains.  I make cot covers now.  Yes, they’re really good ones, and the customers (funeral directors) who buy them are on the frontlines of the industry,  but I’m not “hands-on” anymore.  And that makes it difficult for me to spout my opinion.

So I find myself reading a lot of other peoples’ work.  I’m following the stories on Connecting Directors.  I watch how Brian Hanner at Geib Funeral Homes interacts with his clientele, I have paid special attention to Dale Clock’s insights and commented (probably too often) on his blog.

I will still post here, as I’m doing today, but please consider getting your regular “industry news” from sources like the ones I’ve suggested.