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We know that many of our clients seek out our innovative quilted cot covers because they are battling the perceptions of an increasingly cynical public.  At a time when forces outside the funeral home are placing new stresses on funeral providers, we’re developing new image marketing solutions.  Contact us at

THE REAL TRUTH:  My name is Timothy Totten.  I’m a veteran of both corporate (SCI) and family funeral homes.  I spent five years running the office operations of a 150+ call funeral home for the funeral director/owner.

In reality, my job encompassed much more than simple office work.  On any given day I might do some or all of the following:

Make house removal
Pick up drycleaning
Draft a personal letter for the boss
Order inventory
Repair a broken casket hinge (if you’ve ever watched a client family try to close a casket lid themselves, you know what I’m referencing)
Call members of the Boy Scout troop to remind them of the coming meeting
Write funeral pre-arrangements (I was a licensed pre-need and insurance agent)
Dress, cosmetize and casket remains
Call insurance companies to badger them about paying an assignment
Drive a hearse in a funeral procession
Create and deliver gift baskets to local clergy
Pay bills
Buy a gift for the boss’ wife
Babysit the boss’ kids
Mix the boss a drink (usually on a Friday afternoon after a big service!)
Clean the kitchen
Clean the bathrooms
Wash the cars
Answer prank phone calls (And no, Mrs. Myra Mains is not here right now.  But her husband Yuri is!)
Provide comfort and support to a grieving family
Read a passage for a small funeral service
Plan a holiday remembrance service
Send followup letters and make followup phone calls
Create advertising
Write and send press releases
Brainstorm something interesting to write about in a press release

…and on and on the list goes. 

Suffice it to say, I got to experience so many things by working for a small-ish funeral home.  During the times when the calls tapered off and I could think again, I began concentrating on ways to improve the funeral home management and working experience.  So many directors are frustrated by the path memorialization is now taking.  And even more confused about the changing role of the funeral director in our culture.

Before starting my own company (shameless plug alert:  COTCOVERS.COM!) I spent those five years finding solutions for my funeral directing boss.  He worried about providing caring service to his clients and I worried about getting him the answers he needed and the solutions he could use.  I’d like to help you in the same way.

So, in addition to my duties running COTCOVERS.COM, I write this blog to offer tips on marketing, employee relations, cool new products, logo design and much more.

Thanks for reading.  I try to find something new and interesting every weekday.  So check back often! 


15 Responses to “About Tim”

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  2. Tim,
    Wow, I’m impressed. You have a very nice looking and informative site. Thank you for sharing the information with me.

  3. Following a lead from a comment on my funeral home blog www.http://www.fitchhillisfuneralhome/FuneralHomeWebSite/blog.htm I had to come see whom Timothy Totten was and what his site was all about. Wow!
    Michelle Hillis, Fitch Hillis Funeral Home

  4. Candace Says:

    Hi Timothy…

    I am really enjoying your site. I am glad to know a little about you and I am learning a lot, as this is a relatively new business world for me. I am off to reply to your newest post as a matter of fact. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.

  5. Not only are you funny, sensitive & smart; you’re good-looking too!
    Love the new photo slick.


  6. Courtney Says:

    Dear Timothy,

    Thank you for spotlighting Heartland Cremation and Burial Society ( Jennings Public Relations & Advertising is working closely with several innovative funeral service providers to utilize social media technology on the Internet. We have additional funeral content we would love to share with you.

  7. Charles Cowling Says:

    Dear Timothy

    I am writing to you from England. I am a secular funeral celebrant (an expanding sector over here) and a student of funeral practice. I greatly enjoy your blog, which is always thought-provoking and admirably well written. It’s high time I told you so. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. GeorgineVJ Says:

    I am enjoying the blog. The folks up here in the industry need to take a few lessons from you.

  9. Danny Sheahan Says:

    Thanks for the good work on the blog. I foud it very informative, for my own business: , where we supply unique Irish memorial gifts


  10. Deborah Ross Says:


    You are a marketing machine! It’s no wonder your company is a success. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to meet you at the NFDA Expo in Las Vegas…and even more grateful for the helpful business tips. Let’s keep in touch!

    Deborah Ross, inventor of the new “Legacy Board”

    Your cot covers are beautiful! The best at this year’s show! Best wishes to you and your business.

  11. Irwin Maltz Says:

    nice to meet you. I posted my story about ShivaShade, The first new product for Jewish Funerals in years.

  12. Mom Says:

    Hey sweetie,

    I love your blog!

  13. Great industry blog, Tim! We just learned about you from the Jan.-Feb. issue of the Funeral Business Advisor.

    As a manufacturer of realistic cast stone artificial boulders with bronze plaques for funeral home families and cemetery cremation garden projects Valley Monuments, Inc, we enjoy keeping up with other innovative products, services and viewpoints! Keep up the good work!

  14. Thank you for an excellent website. I’ve found so many interesting postings and ideas. Will be visiting it regularly.
    Best wishes on your many endeavors.
    Dr. Terrie Modesto

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