Treasured Memory Bears


We’ve just revamped our Treasured Memory Bear website because I couldn’t get into the old one to edit it.  (The best minds at worked on it, but it still kept locking up on me!)

So I let the hosting package lapse and we’ve relaunched as a blog.  (A hosting package is what internet companies sell you to keep your website, picture files and other stuff on the internet.)

I was able to create a WordPress blog that looks like a regular website.  And it’s free!  All I pay for is the website name, which cost me $8.99 a year.


In addition to making our beautiful, quilted mortuary cot covers, we also make a custom product called Treasured Memory Bears.

In fact, I started making Treasured Memory Bears several years before we launched

Made from cherished clothing that the client provides (to commemorate a deceased loved one or mark a special time in life), these bears are custom creations, meaning no two are alike.

And since our cot covers have become SO POPULAR so fast, I’ve added a few other artists to help me keep up with the demand for Treasured Memory Bears.


Paula Fedarko (above left) is a talented artist, best known for detail painting.  Working for Final Embrace to make Treasured Memory Bears has rekindled her interest in sewing and fabric arts.

Linda Totten (above right) works in hospital risk management by day and expands her fabric art skills by night as one of our featured artists.  (And, as you can tell by her last name, she’s related to me!)

Each woman brings her own skills and discerning eye to Treasured Memory Bears.  They also help with our growing cot cover business, with Paula making our VersaPockets and Linda sewing together the fabric squares that make our Hometown Collection covers.