Instead of dotting the website with annoying, flashing ads for products you don’t want to buy, we’ve offered a few select companies the option of sponsoring Final Embrace for one-week periods.




Why sponsor Final Embrace?

While the affordable cost (just $25 a week) is a big draw, the real reason is that your company gets the spotlight for seven days, as the exclusive sponsor of Final Embrace.  The Final Embrace blog is read by over 400 readers every day.  These loyal readers love the blog and appreciate the kind of support that our sponsors provide.

From our tracking, we know that every story or article we print about a new product or service company results in dozens of “hits” on their website.  Because we add a link to our sponsor on each article for the week, there are numerous other opportunities for readers to find a company.

Even better, we don’t remove the link when the article goes into the archive, so the advertising stays with the post.

To sponsor, call Tim at 321-287-0628 or send an email to


2 Responses to “Our Sponsors”

  1. Tim,

    Have your fees changed for the sponsor ad and do you have rules regarding the “flavor” or industry that sponsors? Are political ads allowed?

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