While the main focus of this site is to offer marketing advice and management tips, we also own several companies that make great products.

COTCOVERS.COM is home to beautiful quilted mortuary cot covers.  These slip-over style covers are made from georgeous quilts.  And they have our exclusive FLUIDBLOCKER Lining!

Available in three different trim models (you can get pockets, drawstrings, waterproof nylon lining and more!) these are reasonably priced alternatives to those fake fur covers or the “final quilts” that only lay over the cot.


Some examples of our beautiful quilted covers:


TREASURED MEMORY BEARS are beautiful stuffed keepsakes made from the clothing of a cherished loved one.  These bears are custom made from the fabric items sent to us by clients.  We most often sell to the general public, but we offer a referral program to funeral homes.  Call for details or visit our site.  (321-287-0628)


5 Responses to “Our Products”

  1. Scattering urn to consider as a link on your Blogroll?

    Thank you

  2. Hi, my name is Eric Marquardt, I work with a company called The Green Casket Company. We offer caskets that are green friendly and would be used in funeral services. If you have any questions please email me or call me at 608 219 0380.


    Eric Marquardt

  3. Tim,

    You need to update this page with Elite Uniforms!

  4. hi , i own and run a private mortuary ambulance service in Nottingham , UK, i`d love to trade links with you if interested , also do you have any plans to sell in the UK ?, i think there`d be a market for your cot covers if you havent already come over here , i like the look of the fluid blocker cover and might well be interested , but i always have pages available on my websites for sponsorship advertisement , feel free to get in touch , regards Theron , CRS

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